League rules

House rules

  1. The following house rules will be in effect:
    1. If both players fail to notice a ball in the tray after the bar goes down, the ball will be void as soon as the first ball is passed back.
    2. If the striking player takes back the nearest ball, and a ball is still in the tray, it is a foul.
    3. If the non-striking player commits a deliberately unsporting foul, they will lose their entire score.
    4. During the last ball shot, the cue ball may only strike exactly one cushion, which must be a side cushion.
    5. Deliberately avoiding potting the last ball will not be a loss of entire score foul, as this is not deemed to be unsporting enough to fall under AEBBA rule 91c.


  1. The league consists of two divisions, Division One and Division Two. Division One will contain no less than six players and no more than ten players.
  2. Promotion and relegation will be applied with the last-placed player in Division One being replaced by the first-placed player in Division Two. Depending on player numbers, this can increase to a maximum of two players being promoted and two being relegated.
  3. Any player in Division Two must not have any unplayed or unclaimed fixtures to be considered for promotion.
  4. In the event that Division Two is not played, relegation will not apply.
  5. A player may opt to take a one season holiday from the league, and remain in the same division when they return to the league. A player that takes a holiday of more than one season will join the lowest division upon returning.
  6. Division One matches will be played as a first to three frames.
  7. The home player will break in frames 1 and 3, the away player will break in frames 2 and 4. If a fifth frame decider is required, the “equal breaks” rule will be used.
  8. Any frames after frame 5 will use the equal breaks rule.
  9. All matches will be played under AEBBA rules, except where a specific house rule exists.
  10. Players are expected to self-referee games, and as such, are responsible for knowing the rules. The Committee will, however, issue communications reminding players of critical rules from time to time, and as it sees fit.
  11. The points system for Division One will be:
    1. Two points for a win
    2. One point per frame won
    3. A bonus point for playing within the scheduled two-week window
  12. Tie-breaking rules for Division 1
    1. Total matches won
    2. Total frames won
    3. Frames won in head to head match(es)
    4. Total score in head to head match(es)
    5. Higher average frame score (rounded up to next multiple of 10)
  13. Division Two matches will be played over two frames.
  14. The away player will break in frame 1, the home player will break in frame 2.
  15. The points system for Division Two will be:
    1. Three points awarded to the player with the highest aggregate total. In the event of a tie, both players receive 1 point each, with a bonus point to the player with the highest single leg score.
    2. Two bonus points are awarded per leg won (maximum of 4pts).
    3. A bonus point is awarded for playing within the scheduled two-week window.
  16. Tie-breaking rules for Division Two
    1. Most matches won
    2. Most frames won
    3. Frames won in head to head match(es)
    4. Total score in head to head match(es)
    5. Fewest late games
    6. Higher average frame score (rounded up to next multiple of 10)
  17. The top four players in Division One will qualify for the play-offs, which will consist of two semi-finals and a final. The format for play-off matches will still be a race to 3 frames.

Organising matches

  1. Each round of fixtures will last for two weeks. Prior to the start of the season, there will be a two week contact period, to allow players to begin to organise their first match.
  2. The home player will be responsible for organising the game. If no attempt is made to arrange, the away player must inform the league by the Wednesday after the end of the game week to avoid the late penalty.
  3. If the home player attempts to arrange the game, and the away player doesn’t reply, the home player must inform the league by the Wednesday after the end of the game week to avoid the late penalty.
  4. If either player replies to say that they will be unavailable, the game must be rearranged for no later than two weeks after the end of that round to avoid the late penalty.
  5. If a player does not turn up within 30 minutes of the agreed start time without notifying the opponent, the opponent is entitled to claim the match. The non-showing player will receive no points for the match.

Entry Fees

  1. The entry fee for the league will be set at £5. This will be used for Nottinghamshire’s AEBBA affiliation, trophies and prizes.
  2. Any players resigning will only receive a refund of their entry fee if they resign before the end of the fourth game week. Players that fail to play three games in a row will be removed with no refund of the entry fee.
  3. Where players resign or are removed from the league, their results will be nullified and removed from the league table.


  1. The winners of Division 1, Division 2 and the County Cup will have their names engraved on the champions plaque.
  2. A player that wins Division 1, the play-offs and the County Cup all in the same season will receive a “triple crown” trophy to keep.

League Dates

Round  1 – 03/11/2019
Round  2 – 17/11/2019
Round  3 – 01/12/2019
Round  4 – 15/12/2019
CC Round 1 – 31/12/2019
Round  5 – 05/01/2020
Round  6 – 19/01/2020
CC QF – 31/01/2020
Round  7 – 02/02/2020
Round  8 – 16/02/2020
CC SF – 29/02/2020
Round  9 – 01/03/2020
Round 10 – 29/03/2020 (extended)
Play-offs – 26/07/2020
CC Final – Postponed until further notice


Secretary: Joe Foxon
Treasurer: David Armstrong
County Captain: Matt Thomas
Deputy County Captain: Nina Rose